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STP: - sewage Treatment Plants
Sewage is water carried waste which is intended to be removed from the community. It mainly Consist of discharge from residential, industrial and commercial establishments. Sewage contains waste from toilets, kitchens, basins and locality etc. It is essential to treat the waste water because -


a. It causes demand for dissolved oxygen

b. Nutrients (nitrate & phosphate) cause excessive growth.

c. Increases turbidity by increasing the suspended solids.

Sewage treatment plants offered by Work well Enterprises mainly use preliminary, primary, secondary (Tertiary if required) levels of treatment for sewage treatment and filtration & Chlorination etc. In Primary treatment physical separation of grit and large objects is done and secondary treatment Is mainly aerobic microbiological process in which organic matter is oxidized & converted CO2, NH3 & water using SAFF/ FAB/ MBBR reactors. Treated Effluent is discharged after chlorination and sludge is applied directly to land as fertilizes.
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