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A Solution to Waste Water...
RO Plant
Reverse Osmosis is a process by which Solvent (such as water) is purified of solutes by being forced through a semi permeable membrane. Through this semi permeable membrane only solvent passes and solute and solvent get separated.
Water treatment by reverse osmoses process is useful where there is high concentration of dissolved impurities (High TDS).
In RO treatment plants suspended solids are removed by passing water from sand filters and micron filters. Then high pressure is developed by high pressure pumps and water is fed to RO Modules, by this dissolved Impurities up to 98% are removed.
Benefits- high quality dimineralised water
  • Modular design                   
  • Convenient to operate
  • Low operational & maintinance cost
  • It can be designed as per capacity requirement of the customer.

It is extremely suitable for Hotels, Food processing Industry, education Industry and where process water of Low TDS Is required.

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