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Waste Water Treatment

Manganese Dioxide (Mno2)
Water from bore well may contain traces of iron which is not desire able in number of process applications Mno2 is used for the removal of soluble iron from well water supplies. Naturally occurring Manganese Di Oxide is graded,washed and cleaned. The mineral is then graded in different sizes for use in water treatment. MnO2 requires only partial replacement of the filter media with no chemical dosing.

Technical Specifications
Specific Gravity:                   
3.5 – 4.0
Mno2 Content –                             
50% and above
Uniform Coefficients:             
< 1.6
pH Range:                                       
6.2 – 8.5
Hardness, Mohs :                         
 5 - 6
< 1% by weight.
Filtration Rate:                      
Standard Grades (B.S.S Mesh)    
Packing                                          25 kgs

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