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Diffuses Fine Bubble
Fine bubble diffusers are used for high process aeration efficiency by consistent production of fine bubbles through thousands of uniform holes in a flexible membrane which is either circular or tubular The main advantage of diffusers are :-
  a. High air transfer efficiency
  b. Uniform air distribution
  c. Lower power consumption
  d. Lower maintenance
  e. Cost effective
  f. Easy replacements
Tubular Fine Bubble Diffuses: - Work well Enterprises deals in REHAU brand tubular Fine Bubble Diffuses which comes under the brand RAUBIOXON. Support pipe is made of poly propylene and membrane of silicon rubber. The Sizes available are 64mm*1000mm & 64mm*500mm.
Disc Type Fine Bubble diffusers: - REHAU Brand Disc type fine bubble diffuses are available in 200mm & 300 mm sizes. The membrane is made of EPDM.
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