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ETP: - Effluent Treatment Plants
The treatment of effluent in industry is essential to prevent pollution of waste receiving water and soil. The effluent treatment plants are installed to reduce the possibility of the pollution. The type of pollution in industry water may be Chemical or biological or both. Depending upon the type of pollution ETP is installed to reduce the pollutants in the discharged water. Work Well Enterprises offer wide range of effluent treatment plants for textile industry, dairies, paper mills, slaughter houses, chemical processing mills, etc. The ETP plant consists either or both of chemical treatment plant, biological treatment plant followed by tertiary treatment. The effluent is treated physically (filtration) and/or chemically and/or biologically (MBBR, SAFF etc). These ETPs meets the norms of the State pollution Control Boards and treated water can be recycled, used for gardening or can be discharged into natural drains. To further increase the life and efficiency of the plants, we use all motors, pumps and other accessories of the reputed manufactures only.
Effluent Treatment Plant
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