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A Solution to Waste Water...
EM solution was developed by Dr Teruo Higa of Japan. EM stands for “Effective Micro organisms.” It is consortium of different stains of beneficial and effective micro organisms both aerobic and anaerobic in nature. It is useful in both waste water and solid waste management. EM solution is eco friendly, safe, organic and is very easy to use.
EM for waste water treatment
1. Reduction of BOD,COD and Total Suspended Solids.
2. Reduction or complete elimination of smell in the treated waste water.
3. Suppression of E coli.
4. No requirement of power.
5. Enable STP to bear more organic load.
6. Running cost reduces considerably.
7. Considerably useful in cleaning toilets and septic tanks.
EM Solution for Solid Waste Management
1. Reduces foul smell.
2 .Reduces mosquito and fly nuisance.
3. Easy application.
4. Just spraying can treat leachate coming out of garbage as well.
5. Organic part of garbage can be converted into manure.
6. Provide healthy environment to the workers.
7. Green waste from gardens can be converted into manure in very less      time as compared to conventional method.


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