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D M Plants: - Demineralization Plants
Demineralization is a process in which minerals dissolved in water removed from it. The Demineralization process utilizes acid regenerated cation resin and caustic regenerated  Anion resin to remove minerals from water.
Typical Icon Exchange unit consists of one cation column (strong acid cation H+) and one anion column (strong base anion OH-) fitted with multiport values. These column are usually made of FRP  vessels. It also contains two regeneration tanks containing HCL and NaoH. Hcl is used for regenerating  cation column and NaoH for anion column.
Work well Enterprises  provides D M plants of capacity 30 Ltrs per hour to 3000 ltrs per hour.

a. Efficiently purifies the water
b. Easy installation
c. Convenient operation & maintenence
d. Long life
Iit is useful in pharmaceutical, chemical, textile Industry and many other industries.
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